Wine tastings

Do you join us?


We organize wine tastings periodically or on request, with small groups and in a personalized way.


Our wine tastings are held in our Barcelona store and have the following characteristics:


  • All tastings will take place in Riedel crystal glasses.
  • All tastings will be led by a sommelier.
  • In the case of any allergy or intolerance, let us know in advance.
  • Viconvino reserves the right to change any wine due to lack of stock and replace it with a similar or superior quality wine.
  • If the minimum number of attendees is not reached, the event is postponed to a new date or, if the client wishes, the money will be returned.
  • The tasting will be led by a sommelier who will guide you through the passionate world of wine and will take place at our premises in the center of Barcelona at Carrer Diputació 163.
  • You can also give one of our tastings as a gift, an unforgettable experience in our tasting room.


Si quieres puedes dejarnos tu mail para mantenerte al día de todos nuestros eventos:


Sign up for one of our tastings and, if you have questions, fill out the form below.


may, 2023

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